Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I need a better game review site

I used to use gamespot, ign and gamespy to decide what games I'd like to try out and then buy. Lately, these sites (like a lot of others) have been recommending games that I simply don't enjoy. Well, maybe I've started out at the middle. Let me introduce myself.

I'm a PC gamer. I'm a techie. I've been playing games for the last 15 years. That means, I've played most of the best games in the last 15 years and I've loved every minute of them. Has that raised the bar for what I consider a good game? I'd like to think so. Does the fact that its really hard to find a good game that I don't get tired of soon mean that the quality of games has dropped? I hope not and I don't think so. Maybe the quality of games on average has dropped due to the increased volume of those mass produced titles that your local game stores are so full of. But there are still classics being made today. That brings me back to my problem.

How do I find them? It would seem the big three's recommendations have been diluted somewhat. What I'm looking for are games that I find truly enjoyable to play. Nowadays, I find myself having to look at about 20 sites and read tons of reviews before deciding on a game. I'm simply filtering out the noise through averaging, nothing more. I don't care about quantity and the top 10 lists. I want quality. I have a life outside games and would be really grateful for a site that really picks out the diamonds from the dung.

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